Barn Quilt of LeRoy

LeRoy Bicentennial’s First Barn Quilt

   On Thursday, September 1, 2011 the first LeRoy Barn Quilt was installed on the Matthews Farm on Route 5 with the help of Murray Call and Stafford Painters.

   The Bicentennial Barn Quilt project is being organized by the LeRoy Historical Society with the help of Potter Lumber and Crocker’s Ace Hardware. This Barn Quilt is the Dresden Plate pattern or Friendship Circle. The barn is located on property which was purchased by the Matthews family in 1897.  The farm was recently purchased by Fran Matthews’ son, Steven. This weekend the Matthews family is having a reunion at the homestead.  Anyone interested in the Barn Quilt project should contact Lynne Belluscio at 768-7433.

The Second of LeRoy’s

Bicentennial Barn Quilt Project

   Last Sunday a small but dedicated crew erected the second Barn Quilt on Conlon Road.  The barn, which is owned by Stein Farms, was probably built before the Civil War by Alex MacPherson and is a typical English style,  three bay barn with a threshing floorwith doors that at one time opened to allow the wind to blow the chaff from the grain as it was threshed on the floo.

   For many years, the barn was part of the Baker Brothers cabbage and potato farm in LeRoy and cabbage

storage units were added on two sides. The quilt pattern and color scheme was taken from a quilt owned by Shelly Stein’s great grandmother and is known as “Nonesuch” or “Friendship Pattern.”  The Steins have already designed another 8 x 8 barn quilt that will be put up on their barn on Gully Road.

Crnkovich Farm Market

Crocker's Barn Quilt,

 "Railroad Crossing"

Installed On North Street.

The Third LeRoy Barn Quilt

on the entrance to the Jell-O Gallery.  This geometric design, is a 4 x 4 foot square which has been named “Jell-O Jigglers.”  The colors represent some of the Jell-O flavors,lemon, lime, grape, strawberry and orange.  The Historical Society will have several 4 x 4 boards ready for design and several 8 x 8 boards available.  If you are interested in purchasing the boards or need help with designs, call 768-7433.

This patriotic "Star of Hope" or "Sunflower"

pattern on the Walters' barn at 9306 Summit St., Road, was painted by Town Historian Irene Walters.  This English style barn, built in the 1800s,  was moved down the hill and across the creek and attached to the present cow barn in the early 1900s.  The farm has been in the Walters family since 1899.  The barn was built with a swing beam, large enough to support both the roof and the mow floorswithout a post.